Monday, July 30, 2012

Smoking Stove IPA

Time for another beer post! Our last few batches of beer have been Belgian-style ales, so we decided it was time for a good ol' hoppy (make that VERY hoppy) IPA. A fellow brewer was kind enough to share some home-grown hops, and we were excited to brew with them.  Thanks Jay Thayer!

The Smoking Stove IPA was loosely based on a recipe for a clone of the Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA, but rather than using the hops called for in the recipe we replaced most with the home-grown Chinook hops. We used a LOT of hops, adding in just under 1/2 ounce every 7  1/2 minutes for 90 minutes. The aroma was amazing, but  we had to watch the wort constantly to make sure it didn't boil over (which it did) and make a huge mess (which it also did, hence the name).  This one was truly a labor of love, and we can't wait until it is ready to drink!


2 lbs Pilsner malt grain
8 lbs dried malt extract
3.2 oz Chinook hops
2 oz Amarillo hops

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