Friday, September 16, 2016

Luca: Month 12

And just like that, we have a one year old. It feels like just yesterday that we were headed to the hospital. Now, we have the most amazing little girl in our life. It is true what they say- the days are long but the years are short.

About three weeks before turning one, Luca took her first set of consecutive steps across our living room, and basically hasn't crawled since! We are so proud of her. Once she sets her mind to something, there is no stopping her.

A few days after her first steps, we left for 3 weeks worth of traveling. First was a road trip to Lake Tahoe for a work event. Luckily we were able to stop and visit with family on the way up and home, which helped break up the drive. Then, after a quick stop back home, we flew to Hawaii for a week. We spent as much of the flight as we could walking with Luca up and down the aisle, smiling at the other passengers, and just keeping busy.  Once in Hawaii, we had a great time showing Luca all of our favorite spots, including the beach where we got married. We filled our days with visits to the beach, the pool, and trying to seek shade where ever we could. We had a great time, but it is nice to be home where everything is baby proofed and we can let our guard down a little.

We returned just before her birthday and had a small party in a local park. Luca was a little unsure of it all, including the cake, but we had a lot of fun celebrating this amazing year. One of our friends took a video of all of us singing "Happy Birthday" to Luca and now it is one of her favorite videos to watch.

It was a big month to round out Luca's first year. Here are our favorite pictures of our sweet girl:

At her last swim class, Luca learned how to pull herself out of the pool.

Cottage cheese, she can't get enough!

At the kids' pool in Tahoe. Luca loved that it was just her size.

Looking for dada, who took a swim in the Lake.


Building sand castles with dad.

On the move!

Amazing tide pool at Kukio Beach.

Splashing in the waves!

Our only family pic from the week... at least we got one!

We were up early everyday, so the beach was entirely ours.

Playing in the pool with dad.
The water was so calm in the morning.

Always on the move!

The only pic of me and the birthday girl!

Happy Birthday, Luca! You are so, so loved.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Luca: Month 11

11 months! I can't believe that the next time I write a post Luca will be one year old! These months have flown by, and I am just trying to savor every moment.

Luca is a busy bee, keeping us on our toes every second of every day. She loves standing and pulling herself up to walk along the furniture and walls. She has taken a couple of unsupported steps, but not consistently. She is getting very good at climbing into chairs, going up stairs, and at her last swim class she pulled herself out of the pool (with a little boost from dad). The only time she sits still is when she is reading her books. Otherwise, she is on the move.

This has also been one of Luca's sweetest months, with her crawling into our laps with a book for story time, or giving kisses (AKA open mouth face plants anywhere she can get), or just snuggling up when she is tired. She loves when we sing songs and "If You're Happy and You Know it" is a particular favorite because she loves the clapping part. She finally mastered waving (she made us wait for that one!) and has become a lot more talkative. Even though we can't understand anything she says outside of "mama" and "dada", she loves to walk around the house "talking".

Luca is still a great eater, though she is becoming a little more picky. This month she finally started to like more fruit, and now I have to wait until the end of her meal to give her fruit, otherwise that is all she'll eat. Blueberries, apples cooked with cinnamon, and melon are her favorites. She also likes to eat whatever we are eating, and if I feed her from my fork, I can get her to eat things she might not otherwise eat.

Here are our favorite pictures from the month!

Out to dinner! This breadstick kept her entertained the WHOLE time!

Playing peek-a-boo in the car

Some light reading before bed.

In the pool with dad.

Just her size! My mom brought her this chair and she LOVES it. We are working on just sitting in it, not climbing, tipping over, etc.

First time down a slide. She was a little unsure about it.

Our new normal - nothing is used the way it was intended to be used, then she yells when she gets stuck or her plans don't otherwise work out.

Practicing using a fork at dinner. I think she nailed it :)

Fridays have become bike to school day, and she loves it.

Blueberry pancakes- a Saturday morning favorite!

I was trying to distract her so I could put the 11 month sticker on her...

I think she noticed...

So we put it on her head... much better!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Luca: Month 10

10 months! Luca has reached double digits, and she is on the move! This month Luca went from crawling, to standing, to walking when supported. She loves to move around the house and her favorite toy is her wooden walker, which she crawls to the second she wakes up or we walk in the door. She walks back and forth across the house, blowing raspberries or talking as she goes. She also loves to read her books, and will pull several from her shelf and "read' them out loud. Luca's top front teeth just came in, so she now has 4 teeth and continues to be a great eater. Chicken, fish, broccoli, chard, and watermelon remain favorites.

She says "mama" and "dada" to us, and knows her name when we say it. She also started waving this month, and will wave at strangers in the grocery store and her own reflection in the mirror. I have loved every month with Luca, but this may have been one of my favorites because her personality is really coming out and it is so fun to see little bits of Kevin and I reflected in her.

This month we took 2 road trips. First we went up to visit family in the Sacramento area. Then we went with our friends, the Ledermans, to Sea Ranch for the 4th of July. Luca did great in the car on both!

Here are our favorite pictures from the month:
Swinging with Grandpa Steve.

Having fun in the mirror.

Always smiling when she wakes up!

First ride on the bike with dad!

Luca found a new hiding spot to climb into.

Standing with dad in the sand.

Playing in the sand- this was taken right before Luca ate a handful of sand :)

Fun with mama.

Celebrating July 4th in our red, white, and blue!


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Luca: Month 9

This past weekend was a big one for us! On Saturday, Luca turned 39 weeks, which means she has officially been on the outside in this world for as long as she grew in my belly. Then on Sunday she turned 9 months. Hands down, the best 78 weeks of our lives!

Luca started crawling just before she turned 8 months, and she hasn't stopped since. This past month she got faster and more strategic, leading us to up our baby-proofing game. She also loves to stand and has begun to pull herself up. She continues to love water, whether the bath or a pool. Luca also loves to read (and chew on) board books, 

Luca continues to be a great eater, always willing to try whatever we are eating. Current favorites are watermelon, fish, black beans, broccoli, turkey meatloaf and chicken. She also loves to snack on cheese and crackers. She still only has 2 teeth, but that doesn't stop her from eating faster than I can put food in front of her.

Some highlights from the month: We went with some friends to visit a farm and Luca loved seeing the goats and the bunnies. We also got to meet a few of Luca's future BFFs, Charlie and Ruby. Here are our favorite pictures from the month:

Petting the goats at the farm.

Checking out the bunnies.

Kevin an Luca taking the ferry to visit me at work one day.


Out for a hike.

From her 9 month photo shoot- saying cheese!

I love this one, but she is starting to look so much more like a little girl and less like a baby...I'm not ready!