Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Luca: Month 10

10 months! Luca has reached double digits, and she is on the move! This month Luca went from crawling, to standing, to walking when supported. She loves to move around the house and her favorite toy is her wooden walker, which she crawls to the second she wakes up or we walk in the door. She walks back and forth across the house, blowing raspberries or talking as she goes. She also loves to read her books, and will pull several from her shelf and "read' them out loud. Luca's top front teeth just came in, so she now has 4 teeth and continues to be a great eater. Chicken, fish, broccoli, chard, and watermelon remain favorites.

She says "mama" and "dada" to us, and knows her name when we say it. She also started waving this month, and will wave at strangers in the grocery store and her own reflection in the mirror. I have loved every month with Luca, but this may have been one of my favorites because her personality is really coming out and it is so fun to see little bits of Kevin and I reflected in her.

This month we took 2 road trips. First we went up to visit family in the Sacramento area. Then we went with our friends, the Ledermans, to Sea Ranch for the 4th of July. Luca did great in the car on both!

Here are our favorite pictures from the month:
Swinging with Grandpa Steve.

Having fun in the mirror.

Always smiling when she wakes up!

First ride on the bike with dad!

Luca found a new hiding spot to climb into.

Standing with dad in the sand.

Playing in the sand- this was taken right before Luca ate a handful of sand :)

Fun with mama.

Celebrating July 4th in our red, white, and blue!