Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Luca: Month 9

This past weekend was a big one for us! On Saturday, Luca turned 39 weeks, which means she has officially been on the outside in this world for as long as she grew in my belly. Then on Sunday she turned 9 months. Hands down, the best 78 weeks of our lives!

Luca started crawling just before she turned 8 months, and she hasn't stopped since. This past month she got faster and more strategic, leading us to up our baby-proofing game. She also loves to stand and has begun to pull herself up. She continues to love water, whether the bath or a pool. Luca also loves to read (and chew on) board books, 

Luca continues to be a great eater, always willing to try whatever we are eating. Current favorites are watermelon, fish, black beans, broccoli, turkey meatloaf and chicken. She also loves to snack on cheese and crackers. She still only has 2 teeth, but that doesn't stop her from eating faster than I can put food in front of her.

Some highlights from the month: We went with some friends to visit a farm and Luca loved seeing the goats and the bunnies. We also got to meet a few of Luca's future BFFs, Charlie and Ruby. Here are our favorite pictures from the month:

Petting the goats at the farm.

Checking out the bunnies.

Kevin an Luca taking the ferry to visit me at work one day.


Out for a hike.

From her 9 month photo shoot- saying cheese!

I love this one, but she is starting to look so much more like a little girl and less like a baby...I'm not ready!