Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Luca: Month 7

Our little Luca turned 7 months old exactly two weeks ago and the lateness of this post is only a glimpse into how busy our little bee is keeping us! She now sits up completely unsupported for as long as we'll let her, or until she stretches out and starts to roll. Her favorite word is "mama", sometimes "ma" for short. At first we thought it was just coincidence, but now we are certain she knows who "mama" is, and it is a magical feeling. She is trying more and more new foods and salmon, sweet potatoes and blueberries are her current favorites.  She has her first two teeth, with another two on the way, so frozen teethers are among her favorite toys and we always have a few on hand.

On one of our free weekends we took a trip to Monterey and dipped Luca's toes in the ocean for the first time. She was a little unsure of it- she didn't love it, but didn't hate it. We also visited the aquarium, which kept her much more entertained than I expected. When we returned, we celebrated Luca's first Easter and she had fun playing with her Easter basket and all the goodies inside.

Here are our favorite photos from the month:

At the aquarium. Tthe Jellyfish were her favorite!

Looking for sea otters with mom.
Hanging at the beach.

Digging in the sand.

Watching the waves at Asilomar beach with dad before we dipped her toes in the water.

Happy Easter! Luca got Babiators, a swimsuit and an Easter book.

Lunchtime! Luca loves eating meals with us and will just grab whatever we are eating- like my avocado sandwich!

Just rolling around her room.

Some outtakes from our 7 month photo shoot...

The sticker didn't last very long! Everything goes straight into her mouth...

... including her thumb.

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