Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Luca: Month 5

I think we say this every month, but we truly cannot believe how quickly time flies when you have a little one. This was a big month for Luca! She now mimics our sounds (she has mastered raspberries!), rolls over, says "ba", reaches and grabs everything she can, and usually puts it in her mouth. She loves bees and when we make the "buzzzz" sound, reading books (Puppy Tails and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are her favorites!). She has become incredibly ticklish. She laughs, smiles and babbles all the time. We have so much fun with her and it is amazing to watch her experience the world.

Here are our favorite pictures from the month!

Checking out Muir Woods with dad!

Bedtime snuggles are the best
Hiking in Marin Headlands with dad and auntie Beth

Smiles while hiking
Dad gets the biggest laughs!

Her bee flashcard

Her name in chocolate letters... an Amsterdam souvenir

Love this one!
More from our 5 month photo shoot!

"Are we done yet?"


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