Sunday, December 6, 2015

Luca: Month 3

Luca turned 3 months old this weekend! She had a lot of firsts to celebrate this month: First flight on an airplane, first stamp in her passport, first Christmas tree and first real giggle. It has been a busy and wonderful few weeks! We have so much fun watching her grow and learn about the world. She is very curious and finds such joy in things like lights and patterns.

We spent the week of Thanksgiving visiting Kevin's sister in Amsterdam. Luca did great on the flights and was quite popular with the flight attendants. The jet lag, however, was a little tough on all of us and we are still working to get her back on schedule. She was sleeping 8-9 hour stretches at night before we left and needless to say we are anxious to get back to that.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from the month!

Showing off her new barrette.
On our flight to Amsterdam!
Sleeping in her bassinet on the flight. She slept in it long enough to get a picture, then slept on us the rest of the flight. We didn't mind the extra cuddle time :) 
Enjoying the view and some snuggles with Linda.
All bundled up in her bear suit! Our California girl was cold in Amsterdam.
Ready for Thanksgiving dinner.
Awake at 3am and ready to play!
Family photo in front of our tree... Luca was more interested in "Elf" playing on TV. Can't blame her!
Checking out all the leaves on an afternoon walk.

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